In current scenario, people frequent to gym & fitness centers with an expectation of up keeping overall physical health. But they are exposed only to exercises limited to strength training, cardio & stretches that may increase the cosmetic appearance of the body but reduce the life of muscles.

Frost Free Zone provides balanced guidance to develop full components of muscles in all age groups.FFZ incorporates sessions of flexibility, strengthening, endurance, balance coordination, speed, stability along with introduction of exclusive, unique methods of muscular activation & one of a kind- proprioception in FFZ fitness regimen.

When regular gyms & fitness centers fail to attract majority of fitness aspirers in long run due to lack of motivation & boring work outs, FFZ aims to make fitness routines synonymous with fun, enabling clients experience results of long term work-outs with ease. When a mild pain, headache or fever can often interrupt your daily life , FFZ thrives as a center that eliminates health issues, promotes pain-free life with no freezing of daily routines ,hence ‘FROST FREE ZONE’.

Apart from above, exclusive age-specific care is offered as below:

  • Geriatric Wellness - A sensitive approach towards geriatric involving Healing, Therapeutic, Muscular Activation methods towards a worry free old age
  • Active Kids Zone - Aimed at kids helping to grow to their overall full potential through our kid’s wellness program


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