To provide 100% relief and cure from all kinds of ailments through proven alternative therapeutic practices acquired from various parts of the world, thereby restoring, promoting and maintaining physical well being across humanity.


We strive in offering successful treatments, unique therapies & relief providing therapeutic measures on par with global standards, to promote one’s abundant wellness in mind, body & soul.


  • 5 branches in Chennai
  • Patients from 12 counties
  • Over 1 lakh foot-falls till date
  • Avoided 20,000 surgeries with 100% results
  • Successful treatment of ‘Failure’ cases – our specialty


Frost Free Zone (FFZ)

  • Fitness Centre -- Achieving 100% agility, Fitness and Health through techniques of Unique Muscular Activation and one of a kind method - Proprioception
  • Geriatric Wellness - A sensitive approach towards geriatric involving Healing, Therapeutic, Muscular Activation methods towards a worry free old age
  • Active Kids Zone - Aimed at kids helping to grow to their overall full potential through our kid’s wellness program


Our dedicated and experienced our Health Care physiotherapy team specializes in providing:

Manual Therapy

Myosfascial Trigger Point Release


Mulligan’s Concept


Dry Needling




Prehabilitation& Rehabilitation

Joint Realignment









Dorn Therapy


TMJ Mobilization



Few Stories From Many Successes

Multiple joint pain & Depression Treatment

An NRI Carnatic singer & dancer was experiencing Multiple Joint Pain & Depression. She suffered from a condition where being depressed & cring without a reason was a norm. On being suggested to meet us, she had her assessment with us on her chennai visit. 1 month into treatment she was completely free from depressive state & she also had her multiple joint pain treated making her resume her dancing as before. She is completeky free from any symptoms even after 2 years of treatment & has been recommending many patients from US to us.

Backpain Treatment

An US citizen of about 35 yrs approached us through a reference of our previous client for treatment of constant severe backpain that made him avoid & postpone getting married. The final treatment that was suggested by American doctors to him was a spinal cord surgery, after which there were major chances of becoming bed ridden life long. This fear made him postone getting any sort of treatments. On having a phone consultation & coming down to Chennai for assessment, his backpain ceased to exist completely in 3 days of treatment. Continuing treatment here at clinic for 28 days he returned to US completely cured. He now is married & has no complaint of backpain.

Treatment of Sports Injuries

A Basketball player faced crtitical ligament tear injuries in knee joint. Severity of the case was such that he suffered 4 complete ligaments tear & 2 partial ligaments tear making him completely bed ridden. He was suggested complete knee replacement surgery by the doctors. Knowing about us, the patient contacted us only for treatment of pain that he underwent while being bedridden. After 3 days of treatment with us, he was relieved of that pain & was assured by us that he can revert to his old life of normal movement with full recovery incase he is willing to cooperate for further treatment. After 6 months of dedicated treatment that involved no surgeries, zero drugs & nil injections he returned to resume his basketball sport & live a normal life. Following management exercises & living an active lifestyle till date as suggested by us, even after 8 yrs he experiences no symptoms of pain.

Rheumatism & Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

It is a common spread misconception that Rheumatoid Arthritis is incurable. We at Dr.Ahamed’s Apple have successfully cured many patients & prominent among them is a famous politician from ‘India/Tamil Nadu’. Having taken many unsuccessful treatments in India & abroad , he continued to suffer constant pain & swelling in joints just at the age of 40. On checking the Rheumatism factor & starting treatment for him, it was observed by us that there was considerable decrease in the factor within just 2nd day of treatment. Within 5 days we were able to successfully provide him full relief from Rheumatoid Arthrirtis thereby he becoming one of our fastest cured case. In most cases of Rheumatism the complete relief is provided within maximum of 2 to 3 months.

TB Cure

With our reputation of complete curing TB, a youngster of 25 years old had approached us for cure of Tuberculosis which runs in his family. Being familiar with control measures, care & medical treatments as experienced by his parents, he had earlier visited various doctors & had taken prescribed Govt medicines. But having suffered from TB for 2 years, all treatments & medicines aggravated his condition instead of controlling it. After just 1 sitting of treatment with us, the constant severe cough he suffered from, stopped & he was able to sleep at nights. After 2 months of treatment, his report reflected no trace of him suffering from TB.

Increasing Height

When most consider increasing one’s height naturally beyond a certain age to be a myth, we @ Dr.Ahamed’s Apple have derived a unique formula that has achieved 100% success rate . Our treatment is a mix of accupunture, physiotherapy, exercises & naturopathy offering increase in height from 3 - 5 cms on average in span of 2 to 3 months. One notable success case is a 24 year old girl who approached us for height increase due to her difficulties faced in getting prospective grooms because of her short height. 2 months into our treatment she was taller by 5 cms. We have since had many successsful cases as such.

Long Terms Diabetes Cure

A couple,where in the husband was diabetic for 30 yrs & wife was for 8 years came in for treatment. He had one of his feet half amputed preeviosuly due to a deeply infected injury. Due to severity of the spreading injury he was advised by doctors to get rest of his foot till above ankle to be amputated. Having failed treatment everywhere else & attending our treatment only for 2 days, the couple have their diabetes cured & have their levels in control even after 1 year since treatment.


While in most of treatments available in field, relief from insomnia is being provided by drugs & sedations that affect nervous system. At Ahamed’s Apple, we use natural methods that induce sleep in patients right from theintial night. 99% of patients experience regular sleep cycle within 2 days & wake up refreshed on regular basis.

Severe Backpain - Non Surgical Treatment

Being suggested to approach us, a 35 year old patient with severe backpain for 2 years contacted us from hospital surgical theatre just before getting his surgery. With permission from his orthopedic surgeon & treatment by us for 15 mins, the patient who found it difficult to even lie down walked out of the theatre surgery free. He was discharged from the hospital after 2 days of observation & after 3 days of further treatment with us he is living pain free for 2 years since.

Other Unique Treatments By Us

Complete treatment of Mentsruation cramps for women, successful stopping of snoring, weightloss without dieting and exercising & successful training on daily practices for curing diabetic neuropathy


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